There are some YouTube video’s that are relevant for this site.

  1. Cause and Cure of the Crisis  (sheets) (See the Note below.)
  2. Overview of the website:
  3. For teachers of mathematics: The algebraic approach to the derivative  (sheets)

PM. The sound quality isn’t that good yet, but I am learning.

Note. Given some viewer comments, the CCC video requires these remarks (apart from audio):

(1) The “Summary” is no proper summary but rather a first perspective to get started. It can best be seen in combination with the Table of Contents. The reason is that it would be useless to give a proper summary since it would be Abracadabra to whom meets this new material anyway. Viewers don’t know yet what tax void, dynamic marginal tax rate and Economic Supreme Court are. I have coined these words to allow better communication. But they must be discussed first before these words can be used.

(2) If you want to understand the economic crisis then you have to know about tax void, dynamic marginal tax rate and Economic Supreme Court. The textbooks on the introduction to economics must be rewritten. Even advanced economists and e.g. advisors to the President of the USA will meet with new stuff. The discussion still is at the level of first year introduction courses in economics, e.g. also for students of political science or history. But this requires a caveat. I can judge how to present these new ideas to economists. It is difficult for me to determine without feedback how to do that for e.g. political scientists and historians. If the video does not work for them, they may want to construct a presentation that does. In Holland there are the books written for a general audience, see the Dutch menu page. These are not available in English but perhaps teachers of political science and history might push for a translation.

(3)  Why not have more slides with less texts ? Why not have separate videos of no longer than 10 minutes ? In my view it would be ill advised. You need the different angles to get the full picture. The video is not intended for a big audience but to view behind a terminal.