F.A. Muller: “Everyone is welcome”

On the filos-nl server last January, F.A. Muller invited: “Everyone is welcome.” (Translation from: “Iedereen is welkom.”) This concerned a colloquium on February 19 2016 for the NWO-project “From criticism to methodology”.

  • On February 23 2016, Muller confirms this open access, and only advises me not to waste my time on this because I am no historian.
  • On March 17 2016, cc others, Muller writes me: “The gatherings (…) are a closed shop (…).” (Translated from Dutch.) This misrepresents and is a deliberate lie.

The events are documented here:  The earlier case w.r.t. H.C.M. de Swart was reported about in the earlier weblog entry, and (A) file with emails, and (B) its sequel. Now there is (C) this document, that contains the listserver message and the selected emails by De Swart and Muller.

On the sequence of events:

  • In the letter of February 23, the advice and referral to my background of not being a historian is uncalled for. It misrepresents my historical interest and the relevance of history for my research on Mannoury, see here and here. Such a suggestion might create a bias amongst others, and prime a reflex. Perhaps I have a question at one point, and someone might react: “What are you saying and doing here ? You are not a historian.” (no quote). Muller doesn’t cc his email to others, but De Swart’s behaviour must be explained, and apparently Muller regards this as an issue.
  • In the letter of February 23, Muller does not fully correct the breach by H.C.M. de Swart, and he actually provides a form of excuse for De Swart that he might also have thought about my not-being-a-historian. The latter is only a suggestion and Muller doesn’t clarify whether he has tried to discover the true reasoning behind the breach by De Swart.
  • Whence I have submitted Muller’s response of February 23 to the integrity officer of Erasmus University, Patrick Groenen, as well. Apparently the email of March 17 is a result of subsequent talks.
  • In my opinion Groenen has handled the case badly. He should have first discussed the results of the talks with me, before allowing for next steps. Groenen concentrated on the fast conclusion “mediation is not possible” and forgot about the breach of integrity. Groenen apparently didn’t see that the switch from February 23 to March 17 is a deliberate lie.

Thus, from the frying pan into the fire:

  • Muller breaches integrity of science too.
  • Muller implicates project team researchers dr Gerard Alberts (UvA), dr Paul van Ulsen (UvA) and PhD-student Mireille Kirkels (EUR) too.
  • Muller implicates guest Henk Visser too (co-author with De Groot on Forum Theory – and presently it is at issue who belongs to the forum on Mannoury).
  • Muller suggests that I have been “impolite”, without stating what specifically, and gives that as an argument for not inviting me to the closed shop gathering. He is accuser, judge and executioner, without being specific and presenting evidence.
  • The integrity officer and/or secretary have handled this disastrously.


The colloquia are open for everyone Lie: “a closed shop” Ad hominem
Twice in 2015 on the listserver
2016-01 listserver about 2016-02-19
Two emails: Van Ulsen and Kirkels, see (A)
H.C.M. de Swart, 2016-02-18 first email (A)
De Swart, 2016-02-18 second email (A)
F.A. Muller, 2016-02-23, see (B) Cover-up of what De Swart is doing Advice against attendance (B)
Muller, 2016-03-17 You are not invited because of “shown rudeness just now”

Given President’s Obama’s visit to Cuba today, it is quite fitting that wikipedia illustrates the saying in the following manner.

Wikipedia illustration for "Out of the frying pan into the fire"

Wikipedia illustration for “Out of the frying pan into the fire”


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