Doesn’t Putin see that Greece is getting desperate ?

The Tourist Office of Greece has a video with a shot of the Milky Way, but shown from Australia, and one can hardly blame them, since it is a fantastic panorama. They are criticised that Australia isn’t quite in Greece, but there are a lot of Greek people in Australia, and, with modern education and wikipedia one would suppose that tourists know where you can see the Milky Way.

More of a problem is that Vladimir Putin is in Australia attending the G20, and is being criticised on the Ukraine as well. Putin belongs to the Orthodox Greek – Russian Church, and it is strange that he doesn’t defend Greece and Cyprus against the austerity programme imposed by Western Europe (a.k.a. Germany). Russia was already evicted from the G7, which was a disgrace to international diplomacy. Now similar social dynamics might happen to the G20. A bit of star-gazing might help the G20 to get a sense of perspective.

The Milky Way (Source: Screenshot of Greek Tourism video)

The Milky Way seen in Australia (Source: screenshot of Greek Tourism video)

In the mean time, the Acropolis still is in Athens.

Acropolis (Source: Screenshot of Greek Tourism video)

Acropolis (Source: screenshot of Greek Tourism video)

And the island of Thira (Santorini) remains magnificent – likely with the vulcano eruption that caused the Biblical plagues in Egypt.

The greek island of Thira (Source: Screenshot of Greek Tourism video)

The Greek island of Thira (Source: screenshot of Greek Tourism video)


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