The social suicide by Frans Timmermans

This weblog warned about Frans Timmermans who is intended to play a key role in the new EU Commission. After this warning I deemed it wiser to be silent on him and focus on the math, statements, book, film and interviews by mathematics professor Edward Frenkel of the University of California at Berkeley.

This Friday Timmermans – henceforth T, rather than FT since that is the Financial Times – passed his responsibilities as Foreign Secretary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on to Bert Koenders who ought to be able to do a better job. It remains amazing that policy can depend upon the Department of Personnel so much.

Let me explain that T has committed social suicide in Holland. He essentially has no political credibility anymore on the world stage. When I meet Jean-Claude Juncker this weekend at one of the farewell parties for José Manuel Durão Barroso then I can explain the situation to him over a few good drinks. Hopefully Jeroen Dijsselbloem will not be there to tell Juncker that he shouldn’t be drinking. This issue would be hard to swallow for most people.

The sentiment in Holland has turned against T and this is indicated, apart from my verdict, by:

  1. The satyrical column “the pin” prints a “speech” by “T” in which he lauds himself.
  2. The site prints an exchange on twitter, in which (a) someone criticizes T at his farewell party, and (b) T reacts remarkably rudely, shooting himself in the foot as a diplomat. holds that T is a “walking mine field between citizen Frans and minister Timmermans”.
  3. Columnist Bas Heijne in the leading newspaper in Holland criticizes T on his mentioning of the oxygen mask: C’est pire qu’un crime, c’est une faute. (It is worse than a crime, it is a mistake.)
  4. Columnist Jonathan van het Reve in a column of October 11 (Vonk p13) in the 2nd newspaper precisely states what I thought myself too, when I noticed that oxygen mask incident.

Let me refer to the BBC report on the T – oxygen mask incident. I hope that Jonathan van het Reve doesn’t mind that I relate his analysis that was precisely mine too:

  1. His tears at the UN Security Council did not achieve anything but turned him into an international celebrity.
  2. When Jeroen Pauw questioned his inconsistency that the explosion was instantaneous and that the passengers and crew had suffered, T was irritated and defended himself with the mask.
  3. But he may well have abused the happenstance that such masks fly around and may land around some passenger’s neck. This aspect of the research has not been completed yet.
  4. T gave priority to his irritation and public standing and new status as a celebrity, above the families of the victims and the political impact.
  5. Families now worry that their relatives have been suffering the 10 km drop.
  6. Commentators in Russia hold that there wasn’t an instant explosion but machine guns from an Ukrainean fighter plane.
  7. T is narcissistic and will meet destiny at one time. Well, in addition to that, my own point is that he comes from Limburg, alike Wilders, see my earlier warning. This Catholic province has an inferiority complex because of 300 years of domination by the Protestant provinces of Holland. We shouldn’t label all people from Limburg or from anywhere in the world, but we should take heed of the facts, and ask the Department of Personnel to do so too.
Frans Timmermans versus oxygen masks (Source: Wikimedia commons)

Frans Timmermans versus oxygen masks (Source: Wikimedia commons)


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