Europe’s amazing connections

Europe is interconnected in amazing ways. I just discovered that the Finnish singer Arja Enni Helena Saijonmaa sang a Greek lament on the funeral of the Swedish Olof Palme.

My Finnish correspondent reported earlier that his country suffers from the recession in Russia because of the Western response with respect to the Ukraine. It is amazing how Finland always suffers from problems in its big neighbour. Finland hoped that joining the EU would reduce fluctuations but now the EU causes it.

I wanted to ask my correspondent for more details but he is incapacitated and needs rest for another reason. Looking for some internet links that might cheer him up, I originally found a recording by Arja Saijonmaa of Oli Dipsame – All are thirstyperformed in Holland 1972.  I was already surprised by these European interconnections. Subsequently I found Arja at Palme’s funeral. But this will not cheer him up, I am afraid.

Listen to her lament Einai megalos o kaimosSuch great sorrow, composed by Mikis Theodorakis.

Arja Saijonmaa sings at Olof Palme's funeral in 1986

Arja Saijonmaa sings at Olof Palme’s funeral in 1986

There appears to exist this touching recording of both Arja and Mikis in 1970. And here is the 80th birthday of Mikis that Olof would have loved. An earlier recording from 1995 of Mikis and Giorgos Dalaras with the Dutch Metropole Ochestra is also impressive.

O Kaimos is a protest song against the dictators, but since freedom won it is sung with more joy than the lyrics indicate.


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