So what did you not understand about my 1998 paper on a repeat of Versailles ?

A 1998 text of mine for the general public is:

Will the West repeat Versailles ?

My suggestion is that you read it again, and ponder the question: What you did not understand back then ?

Clearly, the West has repeated Versailles. It has been treating Russia in such a way that we see resentment there. After the fall of the USSR the West should have opted for proper economic policy, but no, our misguided governments chose for a repeat of Versailles.

If you don’t know what resentment is, check Tichon Dzyadko in The New Republic: Putin Is Using WWII for Propaganda Because It’s the Best Memory That Russia Has (but you may have to practice your grasp of Russian jokes).

My current proposition is to start boycotting Holland. Doesn’t this makes sense too ?

PM. In 1996 and 1998 I wrote three short texts for the general public, which summarize the results of my new economic analysis DRGTPE, while the latter is intended for fellow economists. The text of Versailles is one of these, and it refers to four other papers:

For the general public (including economists):

(1) Unemployment Solved ! A breakthrough in economics (1996)
(2)  Enable Russia to help itself (1996)

For economists:

(3) Unemployment Solved: An answer to Krugman, Phelps, Ormerod and Heilbroner (1997) but see DRGTPE (2011) for the editted chapter
(4) The dynamic marginal tax rate (1997) but see DRGTPE for the editted chapter.


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