BBC and Mondriaan

Who advocates a worthy case for a boycott also suffers the task of monitoring the onslaught. Today brought me to Britain and especially to the BBC pages on The Netherlands.

No report on the boycott.

One wonders why they take the effort. These pages are ridiculous. Royalty, dikes, tulips, painters, drugs, some formal elections results, and of course the anti-immigration hiccups of late.

They also mention “Mondriaan” / “Mondrian”. Originally I criticised the BBC for misspelling his name “Mondriaan” as “Mondrian” but it appears that the artist himself started to use that other spelling when he moved to Paris. The BBC turns out to be more accurate on (some) facts than I was, but I maintain that the country report is a cliché.

Piet Mondriaan and his model (Nelly van Doesburg), 1923. (Source: Wikipedia Commons, some colours added)

PM. The BBC HARDtalk program is recommendable, on the other hand, e.g. with George Papaconstantinou about his time as finance minister of Greece 2009-2011. A HARDtalk session with Dutch minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem on the Dutch censorship of economic science would be nice.

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