Riots in Husby in Sweden

The police in Husby shot a 69 old man who wielded a knife. He died with five bullits in his belly and lay in his appartment for five hours. The police first told that he had died of his wounds in the hospital but later it appeared that there hadn’t even been an ambulance. Youths of Husby riotted and youths of other places joined in. The world never expected this of the Swedish welfare state. The photographers of travel over the world for their “stories on interesting issues in all areas – life, society, culture and conflicts” – and here we see a picture of two curious men dressed up as vikings ready for another ‘conflict’ with pillage and rape – but now they only needed to travel to their own suburbs.

NRC Handelsblad journalist Paul Luttikhuis interviewed sociology professor Ove Sernhede of Göteborg who wrote AlieNation is my Nation (2007) about hip hop culture and ‘symbolic violence’, see also here. A youth organisation in Husby is Megafonen who helped stop the real violence. This is my email to professor Sernhede and Megafonen.

Subject: An advice to boycott Holland w.r.t. censorship of science

Dear professor Sernhede and people of Megafonen,

A Dutch newspaper discussed the riots in Sweden. The Dutch reporter Paul Luttikhuis interviewed professor Sernhede about the situation.

Apparently a key problem is unemployment. It so happens that the Dutch government and in particular the directorate of the Dutch Central Planning Bureau (CPB) since 1990 censors my analysis on unemployment. Since 2004 I advise the world to boycott Holland till the censorship is resolved. The current economic crisis confirms my analysis but the Dutch don’t care.

For example, professor Sernhede might think that Paul Luttikhuis is a capable reporter, but it is useful to be aware that Luttikhuis apparently also neglects the censorship of economic science in Holland itself. I copy to NRC with the suggestion to forward this email to Luttikhuis, who could check that my analysis on unemployment would be relevant for Sweden too.

See here for a recent article about the deliberate lies by the Dutch government about tax laws:

For example, economist Dirk Bezemer had a contact with Swedish television, but he did not call attention to the censorship in Holland (I do not need to copy since he already knows about that link):

Below I provide some links to people in Holland and some Dutch texts. I presume that you in Sweden will have a language barrier to events in Holland. However, if you would consistently query what is happening here, they and these text might provide you with some starting points.

A point of departure in English would be this page:

My proposal to you would be to work together, analyse how unemployment is destroying the lives of people, indicate that there is a protest against censorship of science in Holland w.r.t. the analysis on unemployment, and propose to the Swedish government to start a full scale investigation. Econometricians and other scientists with a background in mathematics would be able to corroborate my analysis. 

Incidently, my analysis is in the line of Gosta Rehn & Rudolf Meidner of Sweden, and corrects for errors made in the implementation in Sweden itself.

Sincerely yours,
Thomas Cool / Thomas Colignatus
Econometrician (Groningen 1982) & teacher of mathematics (Leiden 2008)
Scheveningen, Holland

I copy to professer Jan Willem Duyvendak of Amsterdam, chair of the association of sociologists in Holland NSV. In 1994 a committee of NVMC / NSV established that there was a breach of proper scientific conduct. However, nothing is being done with that report. In case you find a Dutch translator, the report is here:

I copy to the editors of the Dutch Sociologie Magazine, and call attention to my earlier tekst in Facta, its precursor:

Facta also published a “signalement” of my book “De ontketende kiezer” that contains an accessible discussion of the censorship and its importance for understanding unemployment. However, they start slandering my person, like when the girl who has been raped is blamed for causing it:

CC. Prof. Duyvendak, Sociologie Magazine, NRC Handelsblad

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