Salute to Art Buchwald

Germany had an active day. President Joachim Gauck visited Holland and Kanzler Angela Merkel visited Hollande in Paris. Gauck focussed on the human rights institutions in The Hague, and Merkel discussed the eurozone government, see my former weblog entry. Hopefully they know that full employment is one of the human rights, that is being violated in large parts of Europe. I did my best to help, and dispatched a cable to the German Ambassador in The Hague to call attention to my paper Money as gold versus money as water.

After this busy day, my youngest son required bedtime reading and we selected Where the wild things are, by Maurice Sendak. (Dutch Max en de maximonsters.) It seems to be essential reading at that tender age. Surprisingly, my eldest son at college age also insisted on a book and I selected Dichtbij ver van hier, by Tonke Dragt. (English Closeby far from here.) Hopefully you don’t get the wrong idea. We discuss the art of writing. We take a short story and analyse why it is written so well. However, I presume he might be a bit jealous of his little brother who gets a real bedtime read.

My liquor store had an offer of two botlles for EUR 18. I took one Puschkin Vodka and one Player’s rum Dark special. Having taken care of the Germans and my sons, I now reside with Art Buchwald and his book Down the Seine and up the Potomac. I have been a foreign exchange student in 1972-73, the Watergate years, and my American Dad sent me this 1977 book that I consider a classic. Ah, that column, where Washington circles try to remember what they talked about before Watergate … ! The Washington Post put a number of Buchwalds columns on the web, see its list. You might appreciate for example his Bush, flipping for Europe.

I envy Art Buchwald. He merely wants to comment on society and he merely perfects satire. But I hope that censorship is lifted. This is an entirely different ball game. I hope that the Seine and Potomac take notice, if not the Spree. But, still, I bow humbly to Art, mr Buchwald.

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