Confusion in Brighton and Hove

One of my duties as author of this weblog is to monitor how the boycott of Holland is progressing. My method of monitoring is to google on “boycott Holland”. This recently gave the curious phenomenon of a boycott of a store of Holland & Barrett in Brighton and Hove in the United Kingdom.

The suprise is also that the call for this boycott of this particular store has to do with workfare.

In itself workfare is part of the solution of unemployment, and thus there should not be much opposition against it. Clearly there must be a living wage and the subsidies for the employer should be manageable and not destroy competition. When these conditions are not satisfied then there is reason for opposition. A rough look at those websites suggests that the system of workfare that the UK is setting up indeed doesn’t yet satisfy such conditions. A problem however is economic theory.  It is not unlikely that economists in the UK lack the proper theory as explained in my book DRGTPE plus the part that is being censored (what this weblog is about). Economists without the proper theory can do anything, also in the UK.

Thus the boycott that is being organised in the UK should not just be that store Holland & Barrett but should concern the whole country of Holland.

There appears to exist also a group calling itself Solidarity Federation that supports that boycott. There is a person calling himself Johnny Void, also labelled as “a radical blogger and claimant activist”. Curiously, part of my analysis deals with the tax void, so there is some overlap here too.

I am the first to admit that the world crisis is more important than what is happening in Brighton and Hove. The events in Syria also warrant more attention. However, it is useful to monitor how the boycott of Holland is progressing, and the confusion in Brighton and Hove has been duly recorded.

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