Request for Comments, March 2012

For this blog, comments don’t seem functional. I don’t have time to monitor them. Comments on a certain topic might distract from the overall proposition (to boycott Holland and direct your financial flow elsewhere).

For example, a fan of Darth Vader might object to the association with Robbert Dijkgraaf, and then IAS members might object that they haven’t developed into the Evil Empire just yet. Plenty scope for comments, but distractive.

Yet it seems that 100 persons have seen this blog now and it might be nice to open a page with room for comments. I am particularly interested in suggestions for elaboration or new entries: where the proposition would not be convincing up to now. You might have plans to visit Holland for the holidays next Summer and this blog hasn’t yet deterred you yet: then indicate what would help to clinch the argument.

  1. I don’t want to comment about the possibility of comments, I would like to comment on the next blog entry, and also several of the past blog entries.

    I don’t understand “comments don’t seem functional”. A discussion is generally more interesting than a monologue. Misunderstandings might be exposed and taken care of. Useful further links might be added. When a blog is known not only for the stimulating articles but also for the stimulating discussion which follows them, it gains a big following. I enjoy reading blogs where I can also add my two cents worth if I feel the need. You’ll notice than many politicians and other members of the “regents class” nowadays have blogs but do *not* allow comments.

    I don’t understand “I don’t have time to monitor them”, either. More likely is that the owner will be embarassed because there are no comments. There are a lot of blogs out there competing for attention. Once a day you could filter out the viagra advertisements and delete contributions violating basic rules of polite discourse or being blatantly off topic.

    • It is an attractive point of view but I don’t see how the advice to boycott Holland could generate a community of discussants. I really have no time for filtering either, and this RfC perhaps twice per year might be a nice compromise. If someone really thinks that this topic could generate such a community please set up that space and inform me.

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