Monthly Archives: February 2012

Given the developments in world democracy and the world economy it seems sensible to somewhat join the blogosphere, though I don’t feel much like a blogger.

The main messages of this website are:

  1. Democracy and economy are improved by upgrading the Trias Politica into a Tessera Politica, with the adoption of a constitutional Economic Supreme Court, for each democratic nation separately. See my book DRGTPE.
  2. There is a new synthesis of economic theory, with various innovations, see DRGTPE again. This allows the solution of the world economic crisis and the unemployment since the mid 1970s. Clearly economic policy depends upon the theory that economic advisors adopt. If they don’t have the proper theory then their advice might make matters worse.
  3. The analysis on this synthesis and the Economic Supreme Court has been hit by censorship by the directorate of the Dutch Central Planning Bureau (CPB) since 1989/90. The CPB plays a key role in the preparation of Dutch economic policy. Apparently Dutch society cannot resolve this censorship of science. Hence the best advice to the world is to start boycotting Holland till that censorship is lifted. See this paper.
  4. Also my analysis on Kenneth Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem was censored in 1990. See my book VTFD.
  5. Supplementary is this: Part of the problem appears to lie with the attitude of mathematicians towards issues in reality. Kenneth Arrow was a mathematician who confused voting and deciding. Many economists neglect censorship of science because that doesn’t feature in their mathematical models (see DRGTPE however for a model that does). Financial mathematicians helped create the world crisis. This abstract attitude of mathematicians also creates havoc in education when they meet real life pupils and students. See my books EWS and COTP, and the book ALOE on logic.

I will write on other stuff as well but the main message is to boycott Holland till the censorship at CPB is lifted and I am a free person and free scientist again.  This lack of freedom also shows in that I felt forced to name this blog “” instead of a bit more positive “” or something more creative. Anyway, enjoy, and start boycotting !