A man wants a woman

My advice to boycott Holland seems to come with the task of monitoring how much advance the world is making on this great goal. Already Greek consumers INKA are calling for a “mpoukotaz“, the Poles want a “bojkotowanie” and mathematics professor Tim Gowers concentrates on boycotting Reed Elsevier. All this should not be confused with the boycott of the town Holland, Michigan, which might be a worthy cause too yet is wrong by one continent.

Monitoring all this caused me to see the hilarious exchange on PolishForums.pl where a man looks for a woman. The exchange of ideas is like in times immemorial, it might be how a protestant from Sweden looks for a catholic in France, or how Don Quijote looks for his Dulcinea. Transferred to modern times, we see a muslim from London who looks for a Polish woman since he has observed how beautiful they are. The exchange of views takes six pages. The first response is whether he wants a woman or a passport. Only in response 22 the eager lover complains that he is not being taken serious. Reading this is great fun. I haven’t read all yet, and cannot say that he eventually succeeds. See here. Of course: let us hope that they find each other and live happily ever after.

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