For the Ambassadors of Eastern Europe

On February 14 2012, there is a letter by the Ambassadors of ten Eastern European nations to the Dutch people and their political leaders. They all plead for tolerance and express concern about a website by a political party PVV that discriminates against Eastern Europeans living in Holland.

The Ambassadors relate that Holland has been an example of freedom and tolerance for Eastern Europe for decades. They express their hope that Holland remains true to this positive image.

There will be much truth in that. Holland may have a strong tradition of liberty though historians are the first to forward corrections. It is striking, however, that Holland has been censoring an economic analysis since 1989/90 that would have been beneficial for Eastern Europe. One would hope that the Ambassadors also observe this.

When the Berlin Wall fell, on November 9 1989, this also caused a cascade of thoughts in my mind on the economic analysis of the situation. This document, somewhat distorted by Optical Character non-Recognition (OCR), still bears witness. There the problem is formulated in terms of the long term projection 1990-2015 I was involved in. This other memo the next year mentions Eastern Europe explicitly. The key point is that Western Europe had an obligation to resolve unemployment at home so that newly liberated Eastern Europe could invest and would find export markets. The unemployment in Western Europe in 1989 had been created by errors in policy making and policy advice, which errors continue to this day in 2012, and which are still relevant for the current economic crisis. See this recent memo of 2011. Unfortunately, my brainwave and subsequently cool analysis in 1989 hit another wall, now in the minds of the CPB directorate, and stagnation endures till this day. Eastern Europe suffered terrible times, with war in Yugoslavia, and the promise of Vaclav Havel died in economic misconceptions.

Thus: Ambassadors Plamen Christov Petkov of Bulgaria, Argo Kangro of Estland, Gyala Sumerghy of Hungary, Maris Klisans ofLetland, Vaidotas Verba of Lithuania, Janusz Stanczyk of Poland, Andrei Hateganu of Roumania, Leon Marc of Slovenia, Jaroslav Chlebo of Slowakia, Jaroslav Horak: please report back to your countries that modern economic theory advises a boycott of Holland till the censorship of science in Holland is ended.

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