Paul de Grauwe to the rescue ?

Europe is fragmented by languages and borders but with some overlap.

For example, people in Flanders speak Dutch and can follow what happens in Holland. How do the Flemish think about the censorship of science in Holland and the advice to boycott Holland till the issue is resolved ?

An internationally known economist is Paul de Grauwe, who worked in Leuven, Belgium, and who since May 2011 even has become a member of the Central Planning Commission (CPC) of the CPB in Holland. The CPC is an advisory council for the CPB about its work and methods. If the CPC would hold that the censorship of science at the CPB should stop then a clash with the directorate would surely draw attention of the Dutch media and parliament.

During this European crisis De Grauwe is present a lot on Vox EU and Belgian television, for example last Monday because of the Greece again. Perhaps EU President Herman van Rompuy relaxes a bit by watching his former colleague. An angle of human interest is that De Grauwe has been forcefully retired at 65 so that he had to ask a younger colleague to sign his university papers, and he has moved to de London School of Economics (interview Belgian TV).

My problem is a bit that I informed De Grauwe in 2004 about both my advice to boycott Holland and the second edition of DRGTPE. He must be very busy, and didn’t reply. For Dutch and Flemish readers and translators I copy that email below.

But now he is a member of the CPC. Unfortunately in November 2011 I copied another email to him and did not receive a response. He must still be too busy with analyzing the crisis to be able to look deeper into his task for CPC and my crisis solution proposal. Such are the paradoxes of modern society. A censored scientist needs protective ambassadors to represent the case, but if he would have had them then that censorship would not have occurred in the first place.

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004
To: Paul.DeGrauwe
From: Thomas Colignatus / Thomas Cool
Subject: Advies tot een boycot van Nederland

Geachte professor De Grauwe,

U kent mij niet, maar ik acht uw oordeel belangrijk en hoop dat u me toestaat u te benaderen.

Ik ben gaan adviseren tot een boycot van Nederland. Zoals u begrijpt kan zo’n boycot beter in het buitenland besproken worden: wellicht dat u gevoelig bent voor mijn argumentatie, ook opgenomen in EconWPA:

In januari 2005 zal ook de tweede editie van mijn boek DRGTPE verschijnen bij Dutch University Press:

Indien u reeds de PDF zou willen lezen om mijn argumentatie t.a.v. de boycot beter te begrijpen, dan zou ik u eventueel het password daarvoor kunnen geven.

Mijns inziens zou u deze teksten interessant moeten vinden gezien uw eigen onderzoek.

Met mijn hoogachting,

Thomas Colignatus / Thomas Cool
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