To the IEO of the IMF

The IMF has an Independent Evaluation Office (IEO),, see also Wolf (2011). On “Boxing Day” December 2011 I wrote its director Moises Schwartz with respect to a misleading discussion about the Dutch Central Planning Bureau (CPB) in the October Outlook, IMF (2011). Unfortunately I haven’t received a reply yet. 

Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011
From: Thomas Cool / Thomas Colignatus
Subject: Protest against the October Outlook

To the IEO of the IMF

Dear Mr. Moises Schwartz,

My best wishes for 2012 for you and the IMF.

I noticed a misleading discussion about the Dutch Central Planning Bureau (CPB) in the October Outlook.

I discuss this here:

I am an econometrician and worked at the Dutch CPB in 1982-1991 in the position of scientist. I developed an analysis on unemployment, but this was censored while I was dismissed with untruths. The legal court did not investigate the untruths and allowed the dismissal.

I have developed my analysis into this book:

This is a discussion at Vox EU:

The book does not contain the full theory yet, since there is still continued censorship of science. Therefor I advise to a boycott of Holland till that censorship is lifted.

Hence, if you allow some logic: the current most advanced economic theory causes the advice to boycott Holland till that censorship of science is lifted. Economic scientists who do not support that advice are behind in theory. My proposal is that the IMF adopts that analysis as well, and supports that advice in its reports to governments.

I can imagine that this step in logic might be rather radical to you at first. It is sound reasoning though. You might want to look at my book on logic:

I am also advising the dismissal of Dutch professors of economics, for their neglect of the integrity of economic science.

Now that I have reported this to you, what will be happening ? This message is important also with respect to the current economic crisis, see above link to DRGTPE and my papers on the crisis. Are you going to distribute copies of DRGTPE to researchers at IMF ? Are you going to organise a seminar ? Will someone visit me here in Holland to write a report ? I would welcome a response by you about the follow up.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas Cool / Thomas Colignatus

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